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4 Steps to Make Your Smart Home More Security Smart

“IoT” is an acronym for the “Internet of Things.” And any device that can connect to the Internet and transmit or receive data can be considered a “smart” thing. That includes smart homes, also known as connected homes. Smart homes — in which IoT devices such as thermostats or ovens can be programmed from anywhere — are popular with consumers who seek convenience. Some people, however, may not realize the connected devices or appliances they’ve grown to depend on could leak private information or be susceptible to hackers. In the rush to get products to market, smart device makers may not see security as a priority. 

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Rethinking Wearable Technology In An Era of Physical-Digital Innovations

Experiencing and using the latest innovations in technology is always exciting—and wearable devices are no exception. Driven by technological advances, social factors, and the Internet of Things, consumers everywhere are enthusiastically embracing wearable technology. As a result, being connected to the Internet is becoming a part of daily life, creating a reality where the physical and digital worlds intersect and overlap at an unprecedented rate, often leaving security behind. Physical-Digital Innovations Allow Us To Experience The World In Unprecedented Ways Connected consume...
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