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Apple’s iOS 9 Shines The Spotlight On Security

It’s another year and another shiny new iOS for all to enjoy! Apple hits the mark on all the usual exciting, fun enhancements such as a more intelligent Siri, and those new Emojis we’ve all been waiting for. However, after a few privacy mishaps last year, such as the iCloud photo breach, an iCloud password vulnerability, and the more recent keyraider malware, Apple took notice and significantly upped their security game. Private Means Private! iOS 9 will not tie any usage data to an Apple ID or any other Apple service. The data is now completely anonymized, and Apple states that they w...
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Mobile Security Smarts: How Hack-Proof are Your Mobile Habits?

With holiday gift-giving going mobile, are you eyeing a new device? More than half of holiday shoppers plan to purchase a tech accessory this season, with TVs, tablets, and smartphones topping many wishlists. While two-thirds of those shoppers plan to use a mobile device to help them make holiday purchases (according to ce.org). Do you have the right habits to keep a shiny new device secure? Put your mobile habits to the security test. Top takeaways for smarter mobile security. Be cautious of connecting to public wi-fi and mobile hotspots while you’re on the go. These networks are n...
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