Anybody need PC help?

It seems like having a computer equates to having PC problems.  We've all been there.  You are sitting at your desk and your computer's speed is crawling while you are trying to get something done.  Very frustrating.  It's not clear what the problem is exactly, but it is clear that your computer isn't running as fast as it use to.  You think maybe it's all of the music and photos you've downloaded?  Or maybe it's just the fact that your computer is a couple of years old? 

It's time to put an end to slow computers and PC frustrations.  There's a free new application from NortonLive that will quickly scan your computer and provide a custom report that indicates your PC's performance, security and overall operation.  In addition to your custom report you'll get tips and recommendations to get your computer running like new.  Find out what's causing your slow PC with NortonLive's free PC Checkup five-star rating system http://www.nortonlive.net/freepccheckup/

If you want to skip the free checkup and just have your computer fixed  by an expert that can be done quickly and easily too.  There is no reason to have your old PC running slow any more.  An expert can give your computer a 10-point PC Tune-up and have it running like new in no time. Our NortonLive PC help services are like a car tune-up except you don't have to take your PC anywhere -- we fix it via the Internet.  NortonLive is the easiest way to fix and extend the life of your PC.  And now through January 4, 2009, you can get a PC Tune-up for $39.99 - a 40% savings (offer is available in the United States and Canada only.) Just visit http://www.nortonlive.net/

To learn more about NortonLive services take our tour http://www.symantec.com/content/en/us/home_homeoffice/media/microsites/services/index.html

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Re: Anybody need PC help?

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Re: Anybody need PC help?

Oh, Thanks for this post guys, I always need some help with my old old PC )
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