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The Future of the Connected Home: Security in the Internet of Things

4.9 billion connected things are expected to be in use in 2015, increasing to 25 billion by 2020. Many of these smart devices can be found in the connected home. Symantec researchers have found that smart home devices have basic security issues, such as weak authentication and common web vulnerabilities. These can be exploited by hackers posing a privacy and security risk.

Safeguards against vulnerabilities and smart security best practices are essential to protecting the connected home from cybercrime. Take a look at common risks and actionable tips to stay safe in the internet of things.

Top takeaways for smarter connected home security.

  1. Always enable two-factor authentication in the IoT cloud services and smart things you use
  2. Change the default password on new connected home things
  3. Protect your wi-fi with WP2 encryption
  4. Regularly install software updates and security patches
  5. Disable unnecessary features and mind privacy settings

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