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How To Avoid Scams When Buying Norton Security Software This Holiday Season

If you plan to purchase security software along with your Internet connected gadgets this Holiday Season, you are on the right path to securing your digital and personal information. However, with so many options available—free and paid—it’s not always easy to choose or distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent software.

If your goal is to protect your devices and your identity, you can’t afford to take chances. There are two things you can do to avoid purchasing fraudulent security and antivirus software. First, do your research, educate yourself, and be cautious. Second, purchase reputable, subscription-based security software directly from a trusted security company or an authorized reseller.

Luckily, all it takes is a little research and caution to ensure you purchase an authentic solution. Learn about the top three frauds to look for when purchasing security software on the Internet and tips to help you avoid them so you can choose the right protection. 

Scam #1- Rogue anti-virus or fraudulent security software

The first and most common type of fraud is rogue anti-virus. Cybercriminals use the promise of “Free Anti-Virus” to implant malware on a victim’s device hoping the unsuspecting victim will disclose their credit card information later down the road to “remove a virus.”

Tip: How to avoid an anti-virus scam

Becoming educated about fake anti-virus scams and not accepting offers that seem too good to be true are key in preventing this type of fraud. In addition to exercising caution, you can avoid this scam by installing a quality, subscription-based antivirus software, such as Norton Security, which also offers complete security protection. Norton Security also detects and warns if a potentially harmful file is being downloaded, including fake anti-virus software.

Scam #2- Beware of fake or impersonated Norton software

The second type of fraud is the sale of fake Norton Security software. False Norton software titles have been found advertised for sale on fraudulent websites—they do say imitation is the best form of flattery. And although, you may get away with buying imitation designer fashion without major repercussions, that won’t fly with software. By impersonating the reputable and trusted Norton brand criminals are able to lure unsuspecting victims.

Tip: How to purchase authentic security software

To be safe, your safest bet it to purchase Norton Security directly from Norton.com or from an authorized reseller. Large computer retailers also carry authentic Norton products both online and in-store. Amazon is an authorized reseller of Norton software that you can trust—as long as you purchase directly from Amazon and not an individual reseller.

Scam #3- Beware of authentic Norton software with an “abused subscription key”

The third fraud involves the sale of authentic Norton Security software in a manner that is not authorized. Online resellers that are out to make a quick buck buy multi-seat Norton licenses and then sell each seat separately. By doing this they offer an enticing deal—authentic Norton software for a fraction of the retail price. However, in end the buyer can end up loosing more than what they saved because such activity is in violation of the Norton License Agreement. Norton Security’s End-user License Agreement states that sublicensing, renting, or leasing any portion of the Software is not allowed. Therefore, purchasing a product key that has been abused is a direct violation of the end-user agreement. Those who violate this agreement risk having their subscription cancelled.

Norton Support is often contacted by unsuspecting victims about problems they are experiencing with their Norton software only to find out that they have purchased software with an “abused subscription key.” Meaning that the victim purchased software from a reseller who sold them an individual seat of a multi-seat subscription. This often results in three to five different individuals sharing a single activation key. In the majority of the cases seen by Norton Support, individuals purchased abused subscription keys from online auction sites and deep discount retailers.

Tip: How to avoid purchasing Norton software with an abused subscription

To avoid being the victim of this type of fraud, always purchase Norton Security software directly from Norton.com or from authorized resellers. If the price seems to good to be true, it probably is, be suspicious of prices that are 30 percent below MSRP. Do your research and purchase your software from a reputable computer software reseller or directly from the software company. For more tips on how to avoid fraud visit Symantec’s Anti-Piracy website.

Tip: How to detect if you have purchased an abused subscription

When you activate your product key for the first time, you will be presented with the opportunity to register the license to your Norton account. Be sure you check the number of days left in your subscription and make sure it is the correct number of days. Lastly, you can go to manage.norton.com and see how many devices are registered to your subscription—make sure you recognize all of them.