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How to Use Your New PC or Mobile Device Safely Online

There are more mobile devices on our planet than there are people. It is no surprise that our daily and digital lives have become a seamless unit of existence. Just like your real life, your digital life comes with its own ups and downs. The upside of your digital life is that you can start fresh with a new device and clean up any old hang-ups that can compromise you.

We, at Norton know everything there is to know about the safety of your digital life. We are determined to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and keep our customers safe.

If you have a new device or PC do not miss our guide to use it safely online. This eBook comes with all the information you will need to connect safely. From a comprehensive list of top online threats for consumers to tips on how to protect your devices, this book has it all.

This eBook was created by seasoned champions of cyber security and cover every aspect of new devices and online security.

Download our new eBook for free here.