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Mobile Security Smarts: How Hack-Proof are Your Mobile Habits?

With holiday gift-giving going mobile, are you eyeing a new device?

More than half of holiday shoppers plan to purchase a tech accessory this season, with TVs, tablets, and smartphones topping many wishlists. While two-thirds of those shoppers plan to use a mobile device to help them make holiday purchases (according to ce.org).

Do you have the right habits to keep a shiny new device secure? Put your mobile habits to the security test.

Top takeaways for smarter mobile security.

  1. Be cautious of connecting to public wi-fi and mobile hotspots while you’re on the go. These networks are notoriously unsecure and can leave your mobile activity open to man-in-the-middle attacks.
  2. 85% percent of apps fail to provide basic information about how they collect and disclose personal data causing privacy risks. Always check app permissions before clicking accept and install.
  3. Mobile shopping can be a convenient option. Just be sure that you are transacting over a secured wi-fi connection. Look for signs of a trusted site like a padlock symbol and “https” in the browser bar and a Norton Secured Seal at checkout.

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