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The New Norton


Welcome to the new Norton. You can freely enjoy peace of mind on all of your devices. We’ve bested ourselves by combining the greatest features of all of our products into one, easy to use platform. In addition to standard virus protection, the new Norton Security expands your security by offering full protection from other online threats.

At one point, antivirus was “it” for cyber security, but with today’s ever-changing digital world, you need complete protection. We live so much of our lives online now; we shop, we tweet, and we balance our bank accounts. These everyday activities leave us vulnerable to so much more than just viruses. Cybercriminals are looking for any opportunity to steal our data, whether it be through financial scams, phishing attempts, social media scams or stealing personal information via malware. This is why we’ve made changes to our product offerings. The new Norton Security is growing with today’s cyber landscape in order to keep all of your devices and all of your information safe in one, simplified platform.

Simplified Portfolio

Now that Norton Security has streamlined all nine of our products into one, single, all-inclusive Internet security solution, we’ve taken the guesswork out of trying to figure out what product is “right for me.” Now you have the “Best of Norton” for all of your devices, so you can stop guessing and start doing.

Robust Protection

Basic antivirus only covers about 50% of today’s threats. We want to empower our customers with complete protection, so you can Boldly Go and live your life to the fullest. Norton is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive security solution available that is also the most effective and won’t slow down your devices.

Norton has engineered many “Under the Hood” advances. With our next generation anti-malware engine, you can be protected in real-time. The new engine is powered by Symantec’s intelligence- all 4.3 trillion relationships. This means that every time you click on a file, Norton checks it against thousands of criteria that can determine if it is a malicious file. Information is instantly available about new threats that may pop up at any time. This stops viruses, spyware and other threats in their tracks before they get the chance to do any damage.

Complete Protection, With A Guarantee

Compare Norton Security’s protection capabilities to available freeware. Freeware only provides the most basic protection- blocking viruses and spyware, but that’s all. There are still bots, keyloggers, hackers, phishing and infected websites that these products don’t pick up. Freeware also often lacks a firewall, automatic updates on virus definitions or substantial customer support, so, if you run into any problems, you’re on your own.

That’s not the case with Norton Security, which comes with the Norton Protection Promise, a 100% money back guarantee if we fail to remove a virus from your PC or Mac. There’s also 24/7 tech support, so we have your back, any time, all of the time.

Simplified Usage

The new Norton Security offers total protection for all of your devices: the PC on your desk, the smartphone in your hand, the Mac and tablet in your bag. 

There’s a new look and feel to the software, delivering a clean and updated appearance as well as an easy-to-use interface. This new overhaul is less, “Set it and Forget it”, and more of a “Security as a Service” customized experience. Norton has made accessing the interface much easier to use with a single login across all devices.

Simplicity is great, but how complex does it get over time? Norton Security grows with you and your devices to fit your ever-changing needs. Offering multi-device and multi-OS protection, Norton protects all the ways you connect to the Internet. Norton Security offers flexible protection on all devices, up to five at a time, no matter what they are or how often you upgrade them, with one expiration date for all services. You can easily upgrade your new devices at any time without having to start up a new subscription.

Free From Bloatware

Many people worry that a program with as many features as Norton Security runs the risk of slowing down their machines. Norton Security has undergone many advances in order to avoid that issue. Virus definitions now rely on Norton’s Cloud, meaning that the on-disk definitions are 80% smaller than before. The browser protection does not rely on a clunky plug-in, so load times are not affected.
In addition from being free from bloatware, the Norton Android App actually helps defend you from other apps that are full of bloatware.  Norton Mobile Insight for Android crawls app stores and analyzes app behavior. It protects you from apps that may leak personal information from devices, apps that may change settings, adware and apps that may require high battery or data usage.

In addition to protecting you from the threats on the cyber landscape, Norton offers an optional 25GB of online storage to backup your data and important photos and files. With Norton Security with Backup, if a device gets lost, stolen or simply breaks, all of your data will be backed up safely to the cloud.

Norton Security is the Best of Norton in One, Simplified Product, so you can Go Boldly, not blindly.


So the "Norton Security" (the


So the "Norton Security" (the non-backup one) does not include any (e.g., local) backup at all?  Or it doesn't include just the online backup part?

So the "Norton Security" (the


So the "Norton Security" (the non-backup one) does not include any (e.g., local) backup at all?  Or it doesn't include just the online backup part?

Norton Security has no backup.  You will need Norton Security with Backup.

Windows 10 x64 22H2 | Kubuntu 22.10 | Mint Cinnamon 21.1

I like the NEW!  Upgrade


I like the NEW!  Upgrade anytime without having to start another year's subscription.
(Additional prorated fee may apply)

What's NEW about it ....

I agree with bjm ... this


I agree with bjm ... this feature (Upgrade anytime without having to start another year's subscription) is NOT new !!!!!

Also, the description of Norton Security's new features fails to mention that cloud-based behavioral protections (in the new products) require an active internet connection to work ... and that there is a potential exposure if the user's computer does not have an active internet connection when the safety of an executable is being checked by Norton Security. Note: the old products used local-based behavioral protections and did not have this exposure.

 The following scenario was brought up (and demonstrated) during the beta:

If Download Insight cannot find a matching signature for an installer, cannot find the installer's reputation, gives that installer a "good trust rating", and this installer gets run when the user's computer is disconnected from the internet (and thus SONAR's cloud based detection is not available), then it appears the user's computer could be compromised (if the installer contains maleware).

Can someone from Symantec comment on whether this exposure has been addressed in the released versions of Norton Security.