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The New Norton - Family First

As a busy family in today’s heavily connected world, comprehensive Internet security may not be the first thing on your list that you have the time to put serious thought and consideration into. Between coordinating schedules, getting the kids off to school and managing the household, it’s easy to see why this very important issue can get overlooked. Who wants to spend what little down time they have researching Internet security?

Households can be pretty hectic day to day: remember that time when the kids spilled juice on Dad’s laptop, resulting in him losing his work presentation? Or when you begrudgingly played, “Frozen” for the 100th time and you accidentally clicked on that link that destroyed your hard drive? Or, who can forget when your toddler gave your brand new tablet a “bath”? All those pictures from the first family vacation- down the drain! Everyone with kids knows that accidents do happen, so what do you do when the inevitable strikes and you lose important data, or you become susceptible to a personal data breach?

Today’s households have an abundance of devices that are being shared with multiple family members. As busy parents, you can’t keep tabs on what the kids are doing at all times (as much as you’d love to have those “eyes in the back of your head” your parents always warned you about). We often hand over our devices to “keep the peace”. But an unsuspecting child can inadvertently make mistakes that can cost you, like downloading a fake app that looked like a new version of a game, which was actually malware in disguise. How worried should you be about viruses on your mobile phones and tablets? As a parent, we’re sure you may also worry about the information your kids are inadvertently giving away online. What about the online creeps and thieves that can see what your kids are posting on Social media?  How do you protect them from being easy targets? You may hear stories in the news about Social Media scams, or data breaches, but it’s hard to keep up with everything, let alone know exactly what to do about it. It would be nice to have something that looks out for these threats for you, something that protects across all of your devices.

Norton Security is just that. The new Norton is growing with today’s families, keeping your information secure, guaranteed, so that you have one less thing to worry about. We back our security solution with our Norton Protection Promise, which offers 100% of your money back if we fail to remove a virus from your PC or Mac. We understand that with a family’s busy lifestyle, things can happen at any time, so we want to be there right when you need us the most. That’s why we offer 24/7 live support.

Norton has engineered many “under the hood” advances. This simply means that, with a program with as many features as Norton Security, we’ve got you protected without slowing down your machines. Norton Security does what you need it to do, so you can focus on the important things in your family’s life that need to get done.

In addition to protecting you from the threats on the cyber landscape, we safeguard your data and help preserve your memories with the option to add 25GB of online storage. With Norton Security with Backup, if a device gets lost, stolen or simply breaks, your contacts, irreplaceable photos and documents will all be backed up safely to the cloud.

Welcome to the new Norton. You can freely enjoy peace of mind on all of your devices, no matter which family member is using them. We’ve bested ourselves by combining the greatest features of all of our products into one, easy to use platform. Norton Security is the Best of Norton in One, Simplified Product, so you and your family can Go Boldly, not blindly.