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New Year, Renewed Readiness

With a new year comes renewed excitement, refreshed minds and revitalized focus for all that lies ahead. The same is unfortunately true for the cybercriminals we are up against.

To help kick off 2016, I’m thrilled to announce we’ve hired Christopher Bray, who will serve as Senior Vice President, North America, Latin America and Global Accounts. Christopher has been a sales leader at McAfee for more than 14 years, with his last role being the SVP/GM of Intel Security’s Consumer Partner, Mobile and Retail business unit. Prior to McAfee, Christopher has held various sales and marketing leadership positions at Dell, South Africa and Procter & Gamble, Austria. 

Christopher will focus his efforts on working closely with our partners to help accelerate growth in our partner-led business. He will also lead our internal teams to innovate around new business partnerships and enhance our customers’ experience both on and offline.

Looking back on 2015, we are proud of all that we accomplished, particularly in working closely with our customers to help them navigate our new security subscription model, making it even easier for our customers to use our solutions.

Our teams worked around the clock to monitor threats and develop and update our products as needed. We kept our customers protected from data breaches, ransomware and mobile malware with real-time updates and provided tips to ensure our customers could stay confident knowing their personal information and treasured digital family memories were protected regardless of where they were stored.

In 2016, we will continue to provide both the 24/7 threat monitoring and customer support our customers expect, and will be working on new partnerships and ways to continue to enhance our customers’ experience, particularly with the Norton Security subscription service.

We’re delighted to have Christopher join our team and look forward to watching him grow with us in 2016! He is one more example of Norton having the people, products and threat intelligence to keep you, your information and your devices protected. So, get out there and have a great 2016!