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New Zero Day Internet Explorer Bug

Norton users
* can breathe more easily knowing that they are backed by Norton by Symantec’s gold standard of security in light of a security advisory about a new zero-day bug affecting Microsoft Internet Explorer. Other vendors are using the name “Operation Clandestine Fox” to identify targeted attacks using this bug in the wild.  Users of all versions of Internet Explorer are vulnerable, but, so far, this bug is not being used in widespread attacks.   

Microsoft will be issuing a patch for supported operating systems, but Windows XP users will need to find another way to stay secure, as the operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft. 

Norton users are already covered,  but it’s still a good idea to follow our experts’ advice.




How to Stay Protected:

  1. Switch to an alternate browser (Norton users are protected, but may do so as an extra precaution)
  2. Ensure your Norton products are fully updated to get the latest protection against this bug  
  3. Remove Windows XP, upgrade to a supported Windows operating system and apply all security patches
  4. Stick to browsing reputable websites and be wary of clicking on links in unsolicited email
  5. For more details on this bug, please visit our Security Response blog: http://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/zero-day-internet-vulnerability-let-loose-wild

*Not a Norton user? Get the best protection from cybercrime with Norton 360 and 360MD.