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Norton Account

One of the exciting features of Norton products is their ability to be managed using Norton Account.  Norton Account is great because it enables you to have complete control of all of your Norton Product Subscriptions and Keys in one convenient place.  From Norton AntiVirus to Norton 360, you can update, view and edit all of their information.  I know a lot of users find Norton Account great because it enables you to easily retrieve your product key for re-installation of your Norton product.


Norton Account allows you to log in from any computer in the world and instantly see the Norton products you have registered, and the information associated with them.  From within Norton Account you can view the expiration date of your subscription, how many PCs your subscription provides protection for, the ability to update your account information, view order history (if available), and view special offers.  You also have options to purchase additional keys so you can protect additional computers.


One of the best features is the ability to retrieve your product key, which can assist you in the event you have to completely restore your PC.  By having your product key saved in your Norton Account you can easily sign in and retrieve your key to re-activate your Norton product.  If any of you have ever had to restore a PC you know how frustrating it is trying to find all of the documents that came with your software just to locate the product key.  I‘ve spent tons of time trying to find these documents when restoring mine or a friend's PC, and am very glad I don't have to worry when it comes to any Norton products, because the product key is online, and I can just copy then paste.  


If you haven't already, go check out Norton Account by clicking on the "Norton Account" icon from your Norton product, or visit http://www.mynortonaccount.com/.


Don't have a Norton Account?  You can easily sign up on the home page, or from your Norton product.


I'd be interested in any reader feedback - have you found your Norton Account useful?

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Re: Norton Account


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Re: Norton Account

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Norton Account could be so useful; but instead it's just a tool to sell us stuff and keep the product keys.

One nice feature would be the ability to see what is actually inside the Norton 360 online backup storage, and delete stuff as needed to better manage the very limited storage space we have. By the way, why not put some advertisement inside the Norton Account to pay for additional storage, with some sort of Norton community where you Norton staff could explain the various updates to the products. For example, today I had to reboot the computer after an update. Why? I don't know, but I'd like to know. It would be nice to also have a place inside the Norton Account where we could request features for the products we purchased. People would logon more often, the ad revenue would increase, the online storage would increase, more people would buy Norton 360 for the online backup option (as opposed to be an afterthought--2 Go is a joke!) and Norton's bottom line would be better off.

Re: Norton Account


I think Norton accounts should include a link to download the latest version / installation files for our product.
Even when we buy a product as a disk...
It would be handy to know that should we lose our disk or break our disk.
The most recent updated installation / set up files ...
Are in our account ready for us should we need to reinstall.

You originally Installed from a disk - But some months later there is a problem and you need to reinstall.
You buy a disk and you presume you're buying the newest version of that product.

In both cases!
You start the installation - And get a message saying something like...
" New Set Up Files Are Available Online "
This causes real confusion!

And I believe probably contributes to a good majority of bad installations and problems with Norton products.

Norton accounts could also include download links to the latest Version of the actual product.

You have Norton 360 v 1
Your account would hold the latest installation / set up files for Norton 360 v 1
But also...
The download link for Norton 360 v 2

I presume I'm right in saying...
It's the Product Key that costs the money - Not the disk or download.

Re: Norton Account

I find Norton Account useful since I have more than one computer and buy 3 user versions of software when I can.

But it is much limited by the inability either for the user to add comments such as this installation is on the PC called Ollie (ie "Another fine mess you got us into" or at least for the system to pick up some identifier.

I know I'm not alone in asking for this.

Re: Norton Account

I've just purchased a new comp that came with the full version The only thing that it does is detect Trojan Winmad viruses and quarintines them. Now I keep getting a message to license my product. I just got the product. I would love to have a comp that is safe, but tell me why I should pay about $70 for anti-virus, when the one I have now doesn't suite my needs? Scootz1

I am using Norton connectsafe


I am using Norton connectsafe to block porn...how ever I came across a site called pervertcops(dot)com/ and Norton doesn't block this porn site. Is there a way I can submit sites like these to Norton Connectsafe so they can block it?? Please help!!!!!