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Norton Family Premier Receives PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award

The Internet, social media and mobile technology make it harder than ever to keep your kids safe. Norton Family Premier, recent recipient of the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award is an invaluable tool to help you help your kids. Lead Security Analyst at PC Magazine, Neil Rubenking, cited the “impressive range of parental control and monitoring features for parents of today’s hyper-connected kids.”

Norton Family Premier isn’t just about control and monitoring. It’s about opening a dialogue with your kids as you give them greater freedom, like their first mobile device. It’s a lot easier to say “yes,” when you can follow up with an open discussion about the rules and expectations of Internet use. That’s what we had in mind when we designed Norton Family Premier. “Norton emphasizes that parents should communicate with the kids, not just attempt to monitor and control them,” says Rubenking.

Of course, Norton Family Premier lets you supervise what websites your kids visit. Even when your kids are using the right websites, you don’t want them spending too much time there. Mobile devices make it easier than ever to get sucked into the Internet for hours on end. Want to block out Internet use when your kids are supposed to be studying or at extra-curriculars? You can do that. Don’t want your kids checking social media in the middle of the night? Norton Family Premier makes that possible too Norton Family Premier helps to ensure your kids are only using the Internet at appropriate times by letting you set what hours of the day they can go online, and allowing you to restrict how much time your kids spend on their device. These features help you teach your children to exercise discretion and maintain balance in their lives.

You control what websites are blocked before they view them. You find out about questionable content if and when your kids access it. “Norton’s content filter goes above and beyond what most products offer,” says Rubenking. You can even require your kids to ask permission before accessing specific websites you choose. Again, the goal here is to create an opportunity for open dialogue between you and your kids about appropriate Internet use, rather than just setting rules.

Norton Family Premier allows for parental monitoring of more than just Internet use. You can also determine who your kids can text and who can text them. You can also monitor mobile apps. Know which apps your kids have downloaded on their Android device and choose which ones they can use, such as YouTube and Facebook. This allows you to peek in if you’re worried about bullying or have any other concerns. Coupled with location supervision, not only can you see what they’re doing, but where they are doing it as well. This set of features gives you piece of mind knowing where your children are as well as what they’re doing online, 24/7.

Perhaps best of all for the parent who is less tech savvy than their children, the program is intuitive and easy to set up. You can get reports on your kids’ Internet use sent right to your email inbox.

Norton Family Premier is available by itself or as a part of Norton Security Premium. You can try all the premier features of this award-winning software for 30 days to see how it was named as PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice. What’s more, throughout the month of December, this product that normally retails for $49.99, can be purchased for $19.99.