Norton Internet Security 2010 Beta

Norton Internet Security 2010 Beta

Welcome to the Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton AntiVirus 2010 Public Beta!

We’re really excited about his year’s version of Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton AntiVirus 2010. We’ve made significant improvements to our existing features, as well as added a few new ones. We’ve also included support for Windows 7, the new upcoming version of Microsoft’s popular operating system.

To access the Public Beta build, simply navigate to Norton Beta Center and select Norton Internet Security 2010 or Norton AntiVirus 2010.

After you complete registration, you will be emailed a 14-day Beta Subscription Activation Key to assist you in testing the 2010 products. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder or try an alternate email address. Once the Beta Subscription expires, please check our Public Beta Forums to see if a newer beta build is available. You will then be able to download the new build, and receive a new 14-Day Beta Subscription Activation Key.

Please note that your Purchased Beta Subscription will NOT be transferable to the 2010 products while they are in Public Beta. Once the 2010 products are released and no longer in Public Beta, active subscriptions of Norton Internet Security (2006 and newer) and Norton AntiVirus (2006 and newer) will be eligible for free updates to the 2010 version.

During the Public Beta period, you will be asked to create a new Norton Account. We will be using a Norton Account server designed specifically for Public Beta license keys. Because it is a different server, your Public Beta keys will not be stored with your Purchased Subscription keys, and your Retail Keys will not be available in the Public Beta version of Norton Account.

Please remember that the Public Beta builds are Pre-Release Beta builds. Please do not install these products on Production Systems. While we do not anticipate critical failures, Pre-Release Beta Builds MAY malfunction. If you do install on a computer with sensitive information, be sure to make a complete backup of all your important files to prevent the possibility of data-loss.

Please give us your feedback on the 2010 products! Post your issues, suggestions, questions, or anything related to 2010 on the Norton Public Beta Forums. We want this product to be the best quality product when we release. Please let us know how we can improve the software!

Please check back on the forums regularly for Beta Build updates, messages from Symantec, and 2010 discussions with other users like you.  You can also follow our Norton Public Beta Twitter Account for notifications of new beta builds, and other announcements regarding Norton Public Beta.

New and Improved Features

Performance Enhancements
The 2010 products improve on the very high performance bar already set by the 2009 products. The Beta builds will be regularly updated, with later builds improving on performance and functionality.

Enhanced Norton Insight
Norton Insight is built on the Symantec Quorum backend intelligence technology first introduced in the 2009 products. In 2009 Norton Insight only quantified trustworthiness, in 2010 Norton Insight also provides information on prevalence, age, and runtime performance data.

Download Insight
Download Insight is a new line of defense against the introduction of untrusted applications on your system. Download Insight monitors new application or installer downloads, automatically analyzes and classifies the application using the Quorum technology, and provides you with a trust rating for the application before allowing the application or installer to execute. Click here for detailed information about Download Insight.

Performance Monitoring
The system performance monitoring now also monitors system events such as application installations, and we monitor process performance. This information is graphed over time, to make it easier to determine if an application may be the cause of degraded performance.

Enhanced SONAR
The SONAR behavioral protection technology was completely re-written for the 2010 products. SONAR now also utilizes the Quorum backend intelligence technology to further improve detections and reduce false positives.

Power Savings
Power saving options are available that helps conserve battery power by only running non-critical tasks when on AC power.

Silent Mode
The Silent Mode functionality was enhanced to include Quiet Mode on automatic detection of CD/DVD burning and media recording applications. Users can now also define their own applications that will trigger Quiet Mode .

Anti Spam
The Anti Spam technology was completely re-written for the 2010 products. The Anti Spam engine is now using the world’s leading Symantec Brightmail technology. The engine is further enhanced to not only perform local scanning, but to also double check the results in real-time against the backend system, further increasing the effectiveness and reducing false positives.

Windows 7 Support
Full support for Windows 7, including support for Teredo and Home Groups.

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing detailed write-ups in the Norton Protection Blog about the new and improved features of the 2010 products.

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Re: Norton Internet Security 2010 Beta

I have been testing NIS 2010 since its first day of Public Beta  and it is a great evolution of the NIS product.
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