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Today, the Norton team is launching an exciting new beta offering called Norton Safe Web, a Web site rating service that makes it easy for users to differentiate safe sites from malicious ones. Once downloaded, the beta will provide visual site ratings within everyday search results from top search sites like Google, Yahoo! and Live Search- so you can keep using your preferred search tool and don't have to take any extra steps. Additionally, due to the nature of Web threats such as drive-by-downloads, it will also warn users before they visit a site that contains malicious content.

Our goal for Norton Safe Web is to provide users with the most up-to-date and accurate Web site ratings of any offering on the market. We can do this by leveraging the millions of members of Norton Community Watch - a "Neighborhood Watch" program that relies on the eyes and ears of the Norton user base to detect and report trouble. This trusted information helps us deliver rapid analysis and categorization of the safety and security of the Web pages you're thinking of visiting.

But Norton Safe Web isn't only for Norton users - we have also created a free online community site at safeweb.norton.com where anyone can look up a site's safety rating or submit Website reviews and make their opinions public. 

So if you're shopping, watching video, downloading music, reading news or just surfing the 15 billion or so pages that are on the Internet, Norton Safe Web helps you know what's safe, and what isn't.

Right now, in addition to the free community site, the Norton Safe Web beta is available for Norton Internet Security 2009 beta users-which, you may have heard us mention is fast and light! If you haven't already signed up for that beta, you can get it here. Following the Norton Internet Security 2009 beta download, you'll see a banner to download the Norton Safe Web beta. If you've already got the Norton Internet Security 2009 beta, you can find the Norton Safe Web beta here.

We're eager for your feedback-both for community ratings, and your experience with the service itself.

Happy surfing! 

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Re: Norton Safe Web

It's good to see Norton is offering a similar service to McAfee in providing info regarding the safety of certain web sites.
I noticed with interest that Google search pages would have the site results ranked by Norton as to their level of security. I was a bit curious as to how Norton could possibly rank every site listed, but what a great idea, if I understood it correctly.
Google is becoming ever so more threatening as far a malicious sites in search results go, in particular of late where malicious sites can reportedly even bump themselves up on the search results list to entice the searcher to click on them. Scary.
I have often thought that Google should have come up with some sort of an idea of security within their search engine. I know Norton has ways to go with this, but a really great idea.

Re: Norton Safe Web

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Re: Norton Safe Web


I am having real problems contacting Norton regarding Safe Web, i recently changed my Online store URL, (my store has always been rated Safe by Norton but the change was neccessary) nd resubmitted to Safe Web for re-scan & verification on May 5th, this was supposed to take to weeks but scan has still not taken place and Norton have not replied to e-mail requesting help, I have Norton 360 on all my PC's but am frustrated at Norton's lack of help with this Safe Web issue whihc is costing me traffic!

If anyone from Norton reads this Please Help!!!