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Stay Safe in Sochi

As a tourist in a foreign city, especially a chilly one hosting hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world this weekend, it’s probably wise for you to learn a few key phrases to protect yourself, like:

Спасите! (Spasite!) “Help!”
Пожар! (Požar!) “Fire!”
Стой! (Stoj!) “Stop!”

…but, what if you need to protect your mobile device or laptop? These phrases are pretty ineffective against cyber crimes.  The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team reports that possible targeted attacks could appear in the form of spam, phishing scams, fake websites, or drive-by download campaigns, and might be aimed at cyber-connected crowds attending the Games.

If you plan on attending the festivities, here are some ways you can protect your privacy abroad:

1)     Visit only trusted websites, such as NBC Universal affiliates, http://www.sochi2014.com, and officially verified Facebook and Twitter sites. If you see a hyperlink, the best thing to do is type in the link address instead of clicking it. Be wary of email, SMS and social media requests from strangers, and leave the links they send alone.

2)     Verify any ticket reseller using the Authorized Ticket Resellers Website Checker tool: http://tickets.sochi2014.com/?language=en. Also, only shop on secure sites for Olympic merchandise (or a new parka): Look for https in your browser address bar before entering any personal information.

3)     Don’t allow any automatic connections, such as with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Plus, protect your passwords and privacy at Wi-Fi hotspots on your mobile device and computer by using software that encrypts your data so that the criminals can’t see it, such as Norton Hotspot Privacy (available for purchase in the U.S. and U.K. only).

4)     Don’t download any un-official Olympic Games apps. Apps may contain malware or encourage you to disable certain settings on your phone. Be sure to verify which apps are official by going to the event website, and protect your phone by using an app that detects malware and madware, such as Norton Mobile Security.

5)     Be wary of free “gift” devices, like USB keys, which might harbor malicious code and viruses.

6)     Take caution with your mobile. Make sure you have your phone with you at all times and protect it with a PIN so that thieves can’t get their hands on it.

To fully ensure that your epically Olympic experience in Sochi is un-interrupted by the dastardly deeds of cyber criminals, it’s important to keep your eyes and ears open, even though there will certainly be a lot to look at (“Did you SEE that triple axel?”).

Stay more secure with these tips, and, most importantly: веселиться “Celebrate!”

Watch how-to advice to install your Norton Mobile Security solution here.

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