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Symantec Partners With Europol In Ramnit Botnet Takedown

On February 25th, 2015, with the help of Symantec and other industry partners, Europol was able to seize servers used by the cybercriminal group behind the Ramnit Botnet. The group has been in operation for over five years, allowing the Ramnit threat to infect 3.2 million computers in total, with up to 350,000 compromised computers at the present time. Symantec’s security research helped Europol seize the infrastructure behind the threat.

This group’s main function had been to steal log-in credentials and cookies to impersonate the victim, enabling them to steal data from the hard drive.  They infected computers via removable media, malicious advertisements, social media and public FTP servers.

Is My Information Safe From Ramnit?

Ramnit’s botnets were primarily in India, with only six percent operating out of the United States. The good news is that, if you’re using Norton, you’re safe from Ramnit. Norton Security has protected against Ramnit for quite some time before the takedown.

If you’re not protected by Norton Security or other Symantec products (you can learn more about staying protected from this threat and others with Norton by clicking here), you can use our free tool that can check for the infection and remove it from an infected machine.


I am pleased you have accepted the password. Also I would like you to stop spam emails coming to my email address many thanks from Mr k t pankhania
As I told you I am not happy to receive spam emails to my email address so please tell me how can that be stopped completely

And yet I had to pay $200 to have an "FBI" virus removed from my computer that Norton didn't stop!


I have a way much cheaper than $200.  FBI virus "locks" a browser. If you download a free CCleaner, you can run it. With a locked browser it will ask if you want to close it, then ask if you want to force it to close. Answer yes to both and your browser will close. Every scan I have done after this from multiple sources has been virus free.

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Hi Greatfoo,

Here is an article on 3 ways to remove "FBI moneypak virus" there are ways to create a recovery flash drive and recovery dvd that can be inserted if you get another infection.  It is a good article and better advice than I gave above.



That's because at the time Norton wasn't aware of it. They are now of course. Your NAV collection wasn't properly updated probably.


So the major cyber criminals were in India which is no surprise. When I recently had a problem  with Norton I was asked to remotely hand over my computer to someone in India! When I asked for advice I was cut off. No thanks,and I will not be renewing my usbscription


Not everyone is like that. They were part of the same crowd who created the first computer virus. And the major cyber criminals are actually based in Russia and then in China. In fact China has an entire department of their largely incompetent Army doing that. That is for normal methods of fighting before computers got cheap.

Most of their call centers are inhabited by capable people, and the one you were connected to was staffed by the same bozos who routinely call us to complain that our systems are having issues and they represent Microsoft Tech Support........... Rare but it happens.

I suggest you change your mind on that one.


Servers are cheap compared to the loot these thieves haul in.  I don't see how capturing them will make much of a difference.  You need to capture and preferably execute the perps.


Servers may be cheap, but they are the pathways to huge repositories for collected data, and are the main arteries to get to that data from outside.

If a server farm is compromised, as it was with Target and other companies, then cyber-criminals have a straight line through that company's defenses to the data, collected by their financial departments, and held as customer data.

A malicious server farm does nearly the same thing as a legitimate one, in that it allows perpetrators to get to the same data legitimately held, only without the proper security challenge-response methodology.

Remember, your first line of defense is to ensure that no matter which company's anti-virus and protection software you use, that you keep it up to date, with the signatures and definitions and the like.  If you buy NAV but don't allow it to update itself whenever it needs to do so, they you are not using it properly and allowing holes in your protection.

Also you must be certain that anyone you do online business with, like buying software, or clothes, and the like, has the proper secure transaction software in place.  This is readily available for all visitors to see by looking for the icon which ensures they have such security (SSL, for example) software layers in place.

Once you have done your own due diligence, and it doesn't take but a couple of minutes, to ensure the company is safe, then you should not be surprised by having your personal data compromised.

I hope this helps.