Things that make you go vrooom!

Right this very moment, the Norton software development team is hard at work making our products faster than ever. But hey, you know what else is fast AND just might help you save a little green on gas?!  A brand-new Vespa! 

At the newly launched http://www.NortonToday.com site, we’re looking for videos (maximum two minutes in length) that show someone or something getting “Nortonized.”  Something that’s been “Nortonized” goes faster.  It feels less bogged down.  In short, it performs better than its competitors.  If you have questions, don’t worry: our contest information kit explains everything. The Grand Prize winner gets a shiny new “Nortonized” Vespa and (10) runner-ups will win “Nortonized” prize packs with industry-leading Norton products, fun gifts and more. 

Winners will be selected based on scores for creative expression (25%), adherence to the “Nortonized” theme (50%), and production quality (25%).  Get your entries in soon, though, as the contest ends on August 31, 2008.  Click here to enter and for full contest information.


Good Luck!


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