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Two New Vulnerabilities Found In Mac OS X

Symantec has confirmed the existence of two new vulnerabilities, which are security holes in software, in Mac OS X operating systems originally discovered by Italian researcher Luca Todesco. These vulnerabilities have the potential to allow an attacker to gain remote access to a computer and control it or plant malware. In order to be exploited, the vulnerabilities need the victim to voluntarily run an application.

The vulnerabilities affect OS X versions Mavericks 10.9.5 up to Yosemite 10.10.5. Luckily, there have been no reports of these being exploited in the wild as of yet. However, since there is no official patch from Apple, cybercriminals will certainly try to take advantage of this vulnerability.

Staying Protected

Until Apple issues a patch for the vulnerability, it is important for users to follow extra steps to ensure their security:

  • Use extra caution when receiving suspicious messages from unknown senders, especially ones containing an attachment or link.
  • Exercise caution and only download and install new software from trusted sources such as Apple’s App store.
  • Install any security updates to OS X as soon as they become available. 



I try to stay up to date, but the amount of software updates increases with each day passing by. Every day, there is a new security bug.

The most dangerous bugs are within devices where you don't really realize, that they depend on secure software. Take a NAS device, for example: they run in your local network and most are attached to the internet (mostly without a firewall) - so if someone breaks the NAS, they can access every device and your data from your home! For more information about securing your NAS device, see this page.



I recently had my MAC infiltrated by what I consider a virus. The website was mackeeperapp.mackeeper.com. It appears it slipped by my Norton Virus protection on 30 Aug 2015, even though I kept getting "green checks" which I believed meant my system was free of vulnerabilities.  I went into my Norton app. and saw that my Firewall was off. A local  IP address (was listed as attempting to access under "Suspicions Activity"  on 30 Aug 2015. It then changed my "Trusted Zone" IP to a remote address

Further investigation led to my finding an IP address (local) which accessed my computer remotely and changed my Trusted IP to the remote address I went back into my Norton app and blocked both of these IPs from sending and receiving data but I can no longer use my MAC either. Is there a Remover Tool for this or is Norton/Symantec/Apple even aware of this?