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What is The Deep Dark Web: #30SecTech

There are many layers to the Internet that you may not be aware of. There’s the part that everyone sees Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, news websites and everything else under the search engine sun. This is known as the “surface web.”

The Deep Web

The second layer of the Web is the deep web. The deep web actually has a treasure trove of interesting and useful information. And a lot of useless information as well. Examples of sites that can be hosted on the deep web are company intranets, medical/hospital internal websites, bank account pages, government databases, and private websites that require a login to access the content.

In addition to these kinds of webpages, archived pages such as news articles and research papers are also on the deep web. Most of the content is still accessible on the deep web; you just have to know what the URL is.

The Dark Web

In order to access the “Dark Web” you need special tools, such as The onion router. The deep web is not only intentionally hidden from search engines, it is also encrypted. With such a heavily anonymized system, it attracts cybercriminals and other nefarious individuals in droves.

Want to learn more about the Deep Dark Web and where it hides? Check out the trailer for Episode two of "The Most Dangerous Town On the Internet- Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide" below. The full documentary premieres March 10th! check it out on MostDangerousTown.com

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