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Why I Do It: A Support Agent’s Tale

Why I Do It: A Support Agent’s Tale

Why I do it

I have always loved computers. I also worked in health care for ten years, and that gave me a wonderful perspective on helping people. I have been able to carry over that experience to my current position as a Norton Technical Support Agent and it provides me with the ability to offer my customers a positive experience in the middle of a stressful situation.  It's always a great feeling when I finish a call, and someone who used to be really upset is now really happy.

Saving digital lives

I remember one customer who had a threat that made it impossible to open many of their files (altered file associations).  The first challenge was that the mouse didn't work and he and I had to do everything using only keyboard commands. It was a very complicated fix that required a delicate touch. He was FREAKING OUT because he had just watched all of his priceless family pictures and important documents disappear!  This is where my experience in helping people feel better really came in handy.

Not only did I have to take care of the computer, but also the person behind it. I kept him on the phone, talking him through what I was doing and reassuring him that we would get this fixed together. It took a lot of effort, but I did it. I was able take a horrible situation and turn it around. I'll never forget hearing the customer’s voice when he saw his pictures again; it was shaking with gratitude for what I had done. I had never felt prouder to be a tech support agent than I did after that case.

Be confident, not scared

Working with tech support can be scary, especially when so much is at stake.

And computers themselves are scary for some because they may seem to be powered by dark magic and wizards. I take pride in lifting the veil on how computers work. By using analogies and simplified explanations, I let people know that underneath all of the acronyms and technical mumbo-jumbo, a computer isn’t that different from some of the other technology around them.

Technology is going to make our world a better place, but we need technology to work for everyone. My goal with every call is to make computers less intimidating. When a customer gets off the phone with me, I want them to feel comfortable, but also better-equipped to handle their own computer issues in the future. That feeling of confidence and mastery over the machine is the best gift I can give to people.

Our Promise to You

Another thing that makes my job great is the freedom I have to help our customers. With the Virus Protection Promise that is included with our Norton Security product, I have the freedom to do whatever it takes to help our customers. We don’t have to talk them into any additional services or charge them any money; we can just get to work solving the problem. And with our 24/7 support, I know that even when I’m not working, my coworkers around the world are there to assist our customers with the same dedication and passion that I have. Getting a threat on your system is everyone’s greatest tech nightmare. We wish we could make them all go away, but we can’t. No one can. What we can do is provide excellent support if something unexpected happens.

Everyone I work with feels the same way. We are here because we love people, but we also love computers. We love to teach people about them, and show people how to take ownership of the potential that technology brings to our world.

Not anyone can work in Norton support. The balance of technical skill and customer service is delicate, and the desire to make things better can morph into a passion. Our customers are what keep me motivated and always pushing forward. They are the reason my job is so rewarding.

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