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Zero-Impact Meets Zero-Gravity

This past weekend I was joined by an international group of journalists and bloggers for a Zero-Gravity flight to “blast off” the launch of the Norton 2009 security products. This 18-person “band of brothers” boarded the G-Force One in Las Vegas, prepared to float, flip and fly the way orbiting astronauts do. One word describes the experience - awesome. But most people want to know, what in the world does a Zero-G flight have to do with security software?


And the answer is simple…we designed the 2009 Norton products with a mantra of "zero-impact performance".  Meaning, we want our software to be weightless, nag-less, and virtually undetectable except when you really need it. To that end, we now proudly tout the fastest security products in the world, with over 300 performance improvements that span nearly every aspect of the product -- from the scanning engines to the user interface. The products install in under a minute, run scans in about 33 seconds, and boast the lowest memory usage in the industry (about 7MB).


Norton Internet Security 2009 is already getting rave reviews from the industry's best known experts – and now that they’re in the marketplace, we're excited to hear about your experience as well. Please leave me your comments in the section below. In the meantime, enjoy this short video from our trip.


Oh, and join us for the next flight in 2009.  Enter at: http://www.norton.com/space.

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