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‘Frustration Zone’ launched to help Brits become friends with their PCs again

Guest Post by: Richard Clooke - Manager, Marketing Programs, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec Corporation

We’ve all experienced poor PC performance at some point in our lives - from slow-ups and clutter to constant system freezes. A sluggish computer can be a major source of frustration for many and according to new research, we are reaching the end of our tethers - with a survey of 1,000 Brits revealing that 16% would prefer to visit the dentist’s chair than fix a slow PC!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall any good memories from my visits to the dentist. The research, which focused on PC frustrations among consumers, also found that slow computers have caused one in ten of us to argue with our partners. It’s a pretty bad state of affairs if a sluggish PC is causing strife in relationships. The research also revealed Bristol to have one of the highest levels of PC frustration in the UK. How fitting it is then for a ‘Frustration Zone’ to be set up in Cabot Circus Shopping Centre this Thursday, giving Bristol residents the chance to relieve their PC frustrations with plate smashing, punch bags and a boxing machine! Even gadget expert Suzi Perry will be on hand to get involved with the release of these pet PC peeves, and offer helpful advice around becoming friends with your PC again. Many people view a slow PC as a sign that they need a new one, but before we throw in the towel, there are a lot of things than can be done to improve its performance. Try getting rid of apps you’ve not used in the last year, or transferring large files to an external storage drive or DVD to free up system resources. Visit http://www.befriendswithyourpc.com for more helpful tips and tricks on how to solve common PC frustrations.