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New Horizons...

It has been a little while since I last blogged. My apologies – so, what happened? Well, I changed job and continents – literally and figuratively: new horizons. I am writing this blog from here in Los Angeles, California. I took up the exciting offer of moving over here to head up the Product Management effort in establishing Norton in the brave and different world of Mobile. I have not been disappointed, in either my choice of new job, nor my new country. The past months have been head down focused on building a team, on building technology and building products. It’s been quite a ride. To be fair it has not all been about work – mostly, mind you. However, I have found some time to attempt to learn to surf and retrain myself to play ‘soccer’. I had time to attend CES in Las Vegas last week. The show is now not so much about the big set piece announcements, rather, a showcase as to the possible: a window to new horizons. A brave new world awaits. From my standpoint, it means that the Norton mobile team has much to ponder and to navigate in providing a whole new generation of product and services. Fundamentally, what is ‘security’ in this context? For sure, it is different. There are some things we can leverage from our past experience, most of it we will have to build anew and look to the spirit of innovation to propel us onwards. Again, new horizons come into view. It is going to be very interesting – I will be sure to give you a view and insight into just how different it all is.