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Taking Responsibility for our Online Safety

Guest post from Simon Ellson.

I read an interesting article on the BBC technology pages about fighting phishing attacks. In the article, a spokesperson from an online payment company points out that the most vulnerable part of the security chain is the human. I agree with him. Unless we decide to protect ourselves from online threats, no one else will do it for us. Whether we choose to: use a strong password, safely scan QR codes, shop safely online or use up-to-date security software, the decision to do so is ours. It is our responsibility to do the right thing, for our families and ourselves. We need to surf safely.




7 February is Safer Internet Day (SID), and the theme this year is about connecting generations to educate each other. This year’s SID is encouraging families to work together to stay safe online, whatever age group they fall into. Whether it is technology savvy youngsters teaching older generations how to use new devices or parents advising their offspring how to stay safe online. I would like to do my part in helping echo this important message and remind people that whatever age you are, however long you’ve been active online and whatever device you use to access the internet, you do so safely and with awareness around your actions.