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Introducing Norton Utilities Ultimate!

We are happy to introduce Norton Utilities Ultimate, a new performance offering that creates a faster, smoother and more secure experience when gaming, browsing and streaming content on Windows PCs.

Norton Utilities Ultimate builds on Norton Utilities Premium with enhanced features that help improve overall device functionality.

New Product Features added to Norton Utilities Ultimate:


  • Registry Cleaner - Helps free up valuable disk space on your drive.
  • Advanced Uninstaller - Completely uninstalls hard to remove programs and damaged installations to help free up disk.

Speed Up

  • Net Booster - Optimize your internet connection for the best speed and stability available based on your configuration using hidden Windows™ internet setting.
  • Network Scanner - Scan for devices on your network that could be using bandwidth causing network congestion.
  • Process Scanner - Scans processes that are running and maybe using unnecessary system resources that could lead to slowdown as well as for potentially malicious processes.


  • Drive Scrubber -Drive Scrubber helps to permanently erases your hard drive data using security standards that exceed the U.S. Department of Defense security standards.
  • System Privacy - Turns off Windows features that share your Wi-Fi network connections with your contacts and collect information regarding your browsing habits, program usage and more disables Windows 10 telemetry and other invasive data-collection services.


  • Search and Recover - Search for accidentally deleted files and recover those to a new location
  • System Restore - Creates snapshots of your system that allows you to roll-back to that version as need to help correct any mistakes or changes that were made.
  • System Troubleshooter - Easily access hidden Windows troubleshooting tools to resolve issues with programs, hardware, sound devices, internet and more. 

On Demand Boost

  • On-Demand Boost - Temporarily turns off background services that use system resources.


Note: This offering is currently available only in US, Australia and New Zealand.

If you have any queries, please post them to Other Norton Products/Services forum board.

For more information, please visit the below KB articles: