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Norton Launches Identity Monitoring in Brazil to Help People Impacted by an Identity Theft Event

Norton, a leading Cyber Safety brand and part of Gen™, a global company with a family of trusted consumer brands, has announced the launch of a new product in Brazil - Norton™ Identity Advisor Plus which leverages the company’s longstanding consumer identity protection expertise. Norton™ Identity Advisor Plus will help customers resolve their identity theft if they have fallen victim to it, provide guidance in case their wallet is stolen and assisting consumers in recovering from identity theft. Norton Identity Advisor Plus also helps keep customer’s social media accounts safer by monitoring them for account takeovers, risky activity and inappropriate content. 

Alexa Matteri, Head of Latin America at Norton says, the reality today is that your personal information is readily available to bad actors. The breaches from the many companies that we deal with daily puts our identity at risk every day. Our solutions have been helping protect customers in Brazil and around the world, and now we are excited to be able to add our award winning restoration services in Brazil which gives customers a real person to stop and undo the havoc that identity theft creates.”   

In Brazil, identity theft is a serious problem with more than 3.6 million identity theft attempts in 2022 alone*. In this period, there were also two million fraud attempts related to banking and credit cards. And it is not just an issue in banking, as there were 633,000 fraudulent attempts registered by other financial institutions, followed by the services sector, with 589,000 attempts.  

To help customers monitor popular social media platforms, Norton Identity Advisor Plus comes with an easy-to-use dashboard to register their personal information for monitoring, and notifies the account holder if there are signs the account may be compromised or if potentially risky links are found. Customers also can have their personal information monitored on the dark web to search if their personal information has been found and receive a notification if that’s the case, and can monitor their social media accounts for harmful activity. Customers have access to a dedicated Identity Restoration Specialist if they suspect their identity has been stolen. 

Norton Identify Advisor Plus features include: 

Social Media Monitoring: This feature focuses on the most popular social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube. It notifies customers of potentially risky links including scam or hacking attempts, phishing attempts, and malware links in their social newsfeed. Norton notifies a customer if they are being linked to potentially risky content and flags suspicious account activity, allowing them to take action 

Dark Web Monitoring & Notifications: This goes beyond easily accessible sites and marketplaces, scanning private forums, and dark web to search for a customer’s registered personal information with advanced monitoring technology. It allows the customer to register personal information such as their driver’s license number; up to five insurance account numbers or identification numbers; and up to five email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses. Dark Web Monitoring also scans the dark web for up to ten credit card numbers, financial account numbers, and gamer tags. Through the Dark Web Notification feature, customers will be informed what information may have been exposed. 

Dedicated Identity Restoration Specialists & Stolen Wallet Assist: Norton assigns an Identity Restoration Specialist to a case of identity theft from start-to-finish guiding its customers through the resolution of their identity theft issue. Customers are guided through working with third parties, like merchants, credit card companies, financial institutions, collection agencies, government agencies or others and, if needed, joining calls with those third parties. Customers also receive help if their wallet is stolen, with guidance on how to cancel or replace credit cards, driver’s licenses, social security cards, insurance cards, and more. 

Password Manager: Helps protect members from account takeovers with secure logins, automatically keeping logins in sync across all devices. Customers can create strong passwords as well as save and manage them easily. Users can also have their addresses and other information stored to help fill in online forms for faster checkout. 

*Relatório Global 2022 da TransUnion sobre Tendências de Fraude Digital 



About Norton 
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