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Norton Security for Mac 8.8.1 is now available!

We are happy to release Norton Security for Mac 8.8.1 for all supported languages.

The below FAQ addresses some common questions:

1. How can I download this update?

This build is available as a patch via LiveUpdate only. Manual LiveUpdate will NOT fetch this patch. 

This new update is available for:

  • Norton 360
  • Norton Security
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Norton Antivirus Plus


  • For macOS OSX 10.15.x & above, reboot is required
  • This is a phased release. Applicable only to random endpoints.

 2. What's new in this build?

  • Mac OS X 13 Zero-day support
  • Defect Fixes & Engineering Enhancements:
    • Repeated connection blocking alerts
    • Norton UI crash & does not launch when trying to open.
  • Other under the hood changes and minor bug fixes

 3. Where can I post my queries?

Please visit the Norton 360 for Mac forum board to post your queries.


  • We have moved Mac OS 10.10.x and Mac OS 10.11.x versions of our security software (Norton 8.7.3) into Maintenance Mode; These users will receive only virus definition and not the product updates. Please refer to this post for more details.
  • Mac OS X 10.12.x to 10.14.x users will receive Norton Security for Mac 8.7.5.