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Kudos9 Stats

Firefox 26 Support for Norton Toolbar

  Hi Everyone, We have released a Firefox 26 compatibility patch for Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, and Comcast Norton Security Suite which is available via LiveUpdate. The patch is also available for the Norton 2013, Norton 2012, and Norton Identity Safe standalone product.   The versions for this compatibility update are as follows: Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 & Comcast Norton Security Sui...
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Kudos7 Stats

Firefox 28 Support for Norton Toolbar

Updated March 20, 2014 - Identity Safe Standalone updated to 2014.7.0.43 Hi Everyone, We've done something different than in previous Firefox patches. When the Firefox 27 compatibility patch was released last month, it also contained compatibility for Firefox 28. This means that all the products that received the Firefox 27 compatibility patch already have Firefox 28 compatibility, as well as versions that have been released since that time.   Below are the list of versions for the products and the versions of Norton Toolbar that are compatible with Firefox 28: Norton Internet Security,...
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