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Kudos9 Stats

Firefox 33 Support for Norton Toolbar

Hi Everyone,

The Norton Toolbar is now compatible with Firefox 33. We have released a Firefox 33 compatibility patch for Norton Security 22.0.1Norton Security with Backup 22.0.1. The patch is also available for the Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 21.6Norton 2013, Norton 2012 and Norton Identity Safe standalone products which is available via LiveUpdate.

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Kudos2 Stats

Product Update - 22.0.2 for Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup

We have completed testing our latest update of Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup, and have released the update. To download it, simply run LiveUpdate. Currently, this update is only available for English. Other languages will be available shortly. A reboot will be required for Windows XP & Vista customers; however no reboot will be required for Windows 7 or Windows 8 customers.

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Kudos7 Stats

Norton Toolbar Update 2014.7.9.14 for Google Chrome

Dear Norton Community,

We have released a Norton Security Toolbar 2014.7.9.14 patch update for Norton Internet Security 21.6Norton 360 21.6Comcast Norton Security Suite 21.6, Norton Identity Safe Standalone and Norton Security Toolbar 2015.1.0.26 patch update for Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup to address Google Chrome specific stability improvement issues. This patch update is available via LiveUpdate to all customers running NS/NSwB, NIS/N360/NSS v21.6 and Norton Identity Safe Standalone.

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