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Announcing end of life for old product versions on Windows

To make sure that all of our customers are sufficiently protected, we are announcing the End of Life for several of the old versions of our products on Windows. With the 21.x and prior versions being over 5 years old, we have determined that users will need to migrate to the newer generation product versions in order to receive sufficient protection.

This applies to the following versions:

  • 18.x (5.x for Norton 360) 
  • 19.x (6.x for Norton 360) 
  • 20.x 
  • 21.x 
  • 22.0 till 22.14.x

 This applies to the following products:

  • Norton Internet Security 
  • Norton Antivirus 
  • Norton 360 
  • Norton 360 Multi-Device 
  • Norton 360 Premier 
  • Norton Security 
  • Norton Security with Backup

If you have a Windows PC running version 22.14 or older then we suggest that you right click on the Norton icon in the system tray and select the "Check for a new version" option. Alternatively, if you cannot find the Norton icon in the system tray, you can visit the Norton Update Center and click the orange “Update Me Now” button to download and run an automatic updater tool.