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Browse the web in isolation Mode

                                                               Ever wonder what is behind those blocks?

It is important to exercise caution when you click on links in your emails or social media postings.  Naturally when you see a warning such as this from Norton Safe Web you will immediately click on the back button and mentally high five yourself for being a safe citizen.

A recent update to the Norton Safe Web extension will provide you with an extra peace of mind in case you have a good reason to click on that continue link.  You will be redirected to the page in isolation mode using the technology that we acquired from Fireglass.

We have also introduced another feature called Link Guard that would identify unsafe links in Webmail, Facebook and Twitter and warn you even before you visit them along with an option to browse it in isolation if you have a good reason to.

Web isolation provided by Norton & Fireglass protects our users from malware and phishing threats by isolating potentially risky traffic.  Click here to learn more.

This is available as part of Norton Safe Web extension on Microsoft Edge & Norton Safe Web and Norton Safe Search Standalone extension on Google Chrome to try out in Beta.