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Browse the web in Isolation Mode with Norton Safe Search/Norton Safe Web extensions

We have released the extension update for Norton Safe Search and Norton Safe Web v2.10.0.21 with web Isolation Mode feature for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers ONLY. 

Note: Web Isolation Mode feature will be offered to other supported browsers soon. 

What is web Isolation Mode?

Isolation Mode offers protection from unsafe hyperlinks when you access them in your web browsers. It also prevents users from submitting sensitive information to unknown and malicious website by displaying the pages in read-only mode. This technique ensures that unsafe hyperlinks present in webpages are isolated so that no malicious content obtains your personal information. The isolation mode prevents attackers from exploiting browser vulnerabilities to deliver malware to your endpoint. It also stops malware from reaching its targets and prevents phishing attacks by isolating suspicious URL links.

How to enable web Isolation Mode?

Isolation Mode is installed as part of the Norton browser extensions and is not enabled by default. The feature is enabled when you click on the suspicious hyperlink and you receive a Continue in Isolation Mode notification. Click Continue to open the browser window in isolation mode. If you are going to use Isolation Mode for the first time, a prompt is shown to sign in with your Norton account.

*The Continue Without Isolation Mode option lets you open the suspicious hyperlink in the normal browser window, but it is not recommended.

How does web Isolation work?

When you open a webpage in web isolation mode, the original content present in the unsafe hyperlink is converted and displayed in a read-only format. The visual conversion is seamless and it does not impede with your browsing activities.

*In the Isolation Mode, you are prevented from entering any data on the webpage, thereby protecting you from any phishing attacks.

Please refer Norton Support article : Browse the web in Isolation Mode