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Firefox 41 and 42 Limited Support for Norton Toolbar

Hi everyone,

The Norton Toolbar now has limited compatibility with Firefox 41 & 42. Web-Protection functionalities are enabled, but the VAULT feature is not available with this update. We will be releasing another compatibility update to restore VAULT features to the Norton Toolbar on Firefox 41 & 42.

We have released a Firefox 41 & 42 compatibility patch, Norton Identity Safe 2015.5.6.76, for the Norton products via LiveUpdate, which includes:
- Norton Security
- Norton Security with Backup
- Norton Internet Security
- Norton 360
- Norton Antivirus
- Norton Security Suite

Note: This patch does not require reboot on Windows 10, Win 8 & Win 7 machines

Important Changes for Norton Identity Safe 2015.5.6.76:

1) The VAULT feature is missing from the Norton Toolbar on Firefox 41 & 42. We will be releasing another compatibility patch shortly to restore this feature to all supported versions of Firefox. Workaround: The Logins & Passwords can be accessed via Identity Safe settings as usual. If you wish to use the Vault functionalities (such as Auto-Fill logins, Auto-Save Logins, and Auto-Submit Logins) the Norton extensions are available for Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

2) Customers will see a "Norton Identity Safe could not be verified for use in Firefox" message included in the Norton Add-On listing. We are working with Firefox to get the Norton Toolbar verified, and a separate patch will be released to address this verification.

3) This patch will enable the Web-Protection functionalities of the Norton Toolbar on Firefox 41 & 42 such as:

  • Safe Web
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Safe Search

4) The language displayed for the Norton Toolbar will be based on the Firefox browser language. Previously, it was based on the Norton product language or Operating System language.

5) A 64-bit version of Firefox 42 is available, and the Norton Toolbar has the same limited compatibility with this new version as it does with the 32-bit version.

6) This patch will support Firefox 38 through 42.

To ensure you have the best protection, we recommend that you have the latest version of Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup or Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 installed, version If you are not seeing the Norton Toolbar in Firefox 41 & 42, check that you are running NS, NSwB, NIS, N360, NAV If not, please visit our Norton Update Center to receive the latest update.

You may need to run LiveUpdate and reboot a few times before your product is completely updated to the latest version. It will appear in the LiveUpdate history as Norton Toolbar Add-on for Firefox.

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