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Introducing Norton Security 1.0 for iOS

[Updated on 18th December] Norton Security 1.0.4 for iOS has been released.

The changes in this build include:

  • Re-introducing Support link in the Help screen
  • Adding a Leave Feedback option to Side-Menu
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements 


[Updated on 5 December, 2018]

We have release Norton Security 1.0.3 for iOS, now in all supported languages, and available for download in App store.

 System Requirements:  Requires iOS 10.0 or later 

What’s New in Norton Security 1.0.3?

- New Norton-LifeLock logo
- New Norton Security app icon
- Added Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic language support
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


We are pleased to announce new Norton Security 1.0 for iOS now available in app store which helps deliver powerful, effective protection against cyber threats and online scams.

Norton Security 1.0.2 for iOS Features:

  • Wi-Fi Security: The Wi-Fi Security feature helps alert you if an unknown party on the same network is spying on your online activity, known as a “man-in-the-middle” attack.

Wi-Fi Security warning messages:

Wi-Fi Security Green: No suspicious activity or man-in-the-middle is detected.
Wi-Fi Security Orange: You’re connecting to an unsafe or unsecured network. We recommend using a VPN service like Norton Wi-Fi Privacy to ensure your data stays private
Wi-Fi Security Red: The network you’re connecting to is under a man-in-the-middle attack. We highly recommend that you disconnect.


  • Web Protection: Helps protect your device against online scams by alerting you about websites and links detected as unsafe before you visit them.

System Advisor: Norton Security iOS monitors your device to check that the operating system is up-to-date. By notifying you of the latest security patches and iOS updates, Norton Security iOS helps you keep your personal data safe while online.

FAQs: Norton Security for iOS:

1. What is the version number for this release?

     Norton Security 1.0.2 for iOS

2. How can I download and Install Norton Security 1.0.2?

     If you are a Norton Security active subscriber, and if the Norton Security for iOS app is available in your region, you can install       Norton Security for iOS from apple app store.

     Norton Security active subscribers can download Norton Security 1.0 for iOS from "https://my.norton.com portal. 

     App Store: Norton Security for iOS on App Store

3. What are the languages this update is available for? 

    All Supported Languages. [Note: Excluded Japan & India]

4. System Requirements for Norton Security 1.0.2 for iOS?

    Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

5. Where can I post my queries?

    Visit our Other Mobile Products forum to post your queries.