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Norton Core firmware version 223 and Mobile ver 1.27 are now available

Norton Core firmware version 223 and Mobile ver 1.27 are now available

2017 has been a busy first year for the Norton Core team. We have made significant improvements to the performance, reliable and setup of Norton Core.

We capped the year with our latest firmware — version 223 as well as an updated app — version 1.27. (Both Android and iOS)

Firmware version 223 has additional improvements to stability and performance. Your Norton Core router should have already automatically updated itself with this new version of firmware. If it has not, please power cycle your router by unplugging the cable and then plugging it back in.

Our latest mobile app to version 1.27 includes improved notification alerts. 

2017 Summary of Improvements for Norton Core


  • Added logic to improve SpeedTest accuracy
  • Improved SpeedTest experience for speeds >500 Mbps
  • Implemented more accurate bandwidth allocation


  • Improved overall router software stability
  • Improved consistency of Device Discovery


  • Improved onboarding experience with additional connectivity checks throughout
  • Added better error checking and clearer user messaging 


  • Improved quarantine logic for infected devices
  • Added blocking LAN to LAN communications
  • Added preventing quarantined devices from UPnP and Port Forwarding
  • Implemented new passphrase support based on the ZXCVBN logic
  • Enhanced content filtering and site reputation categorization


  • Added Reserve IP address support
  • Added Quality of Service optimization for gaming and VoIP
  • Improved the overall performance of Parental Control