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Norton Identity Safe 5.2 extension update for Google Chrome

Norton Identity Safe version 5.2 is now available as a new browser extension in Google Chrome. Existing Norton Identity Safe toolbar customers who use Google Chrome will be prompted to migrate to the new Norton Identity Safe extension in the latest Norton product updates. Customers with Chrome as their default browser can also install the new extension from the Norton Security product UI in the Identity area by clicking the “Configure” link for the Norton Toolbar item

Note: Local vaults are not accessible from the new Norton Identity Safe extension. We recommend converting local vault to online vault and start using the new Chrome Identity Safe extension. 

Release version number: Norton Identity Safe (or higher) [Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Microsoft Edge/Apple Safari]

What's New?

  • Support for in-page credit card fill 
  • Site icons to the logins for top 1000 sites [Only available in the tab view, not from the drop down]
  • Bank Account Support – Option to save bank account details and autofill

  • Norton Identity Safe online vault UI improvements, including favorite support for all items, and improved vault tile look

  • Support for Browser login import  [Chrome|Firefox (32-bit ONLY) - Master Password protected browser logins are not supported]

Please refer below Norton Support articles for more details:

Compatibility of Norton Identity Safe with Google Chrome
Open Vault from the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar