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Norton Safe Web Plus App extension for Safari is now available!

Norton Safe Web Plus offers both Norton Safe Web and Norton Password Manager features on Safari browser. Norton Safe Web works with Safari to warn you of visiting potentially dangerous sites to help protect you from malicious activity. Norton Password Manager helps you protect all your online accounts. It works with Safari and provides the tools you need to create, store, and manage all your usernames, passwords, credit card information and other sensitive information online - safely and securely in your own encrypted, cloud-based vault.

Features of Norton Safe Web 

·         Helps protect you from visiting dangerous websites using Symantec website risk analysis technology.

·         Antiphishing detection helps block websites pretending to be legitimate services to steal your data.

·         Scam Insight warns against giving payment information to websites that might be fraudulent.

Features of Norton Password Manager 

·         Secure Vault - Secures logins and more in your private, online vault. No longer have to remember multiple user names or passwords.

·         Sync your data - Keep passwords synchronized across your computers, mobile devices, and browsers.

·         Password Generator - Create new, hard-to-break passwords with one click.

·         Settings - Controls how your Safari Extension works.

The below FAQs may address some common questions:

1. What are the system requirements?

  • OS - MacOS 10.14.4 and above
  • OS – MacOS 10.13.6 with Safari Browser 13 version

2. What happens to my existing Norton Safari extensions on Safari 13?

The current Norton extensions that are offered on Safari browser will not be supported by Apple after Safari 13 browser version update. Hence, Norton will provide new Safari App extensions that offer similar protection features. The following legacy extensions will not work on Safari 13 and above:

·         Norton Safe Search (You cannot configure Norton Safe Search as your default search provider in Safari, because it is not supported from Safari 13 and above).

·         Norton Safe Web

·         Norton Password Manager

For more details, read Safari release notes.

3. How can I download this app?

4. Where do I post my queries?
Please visit our Norton for Mac board to post your queries. For more information, take a look at Norton Safe Web Plus App extension for Safari KB article.