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Norton Secure VPN 3.0 for Android is now available!

We are happy to release Norton Secure VPN 3.0.2 to all Android customers. 

Note: This is a throttled release.

1. What's the version number of this release?

    Norton Secure VPN

2. How can I receive this update?

    Simply visit Norton Secure VPN on Google Play to receive this update.

3. What are the changes in this build?

Fixes for the following issues:

   - An error that read, "Error: We were unable to connect to the server. Please try again later. (8)"
   - An issue where VPN Toggle button was unresponsive intermittently. There was no response when the button was turned ON. 
   - A connectivity issue where the product stayed at 'Connecting', but doesn't connect.

4. Where do I post my queries?

    Please post your queries on Other Mobile Products board.