Norton Secure VPN 3.3.7 for Android is now available!

Release History: 

[Updated on 13th December] Norton Secure VPN has been released for Android customers. 

Below are the changes in this build:

  • Fixed the below issues:
    • When font size or screen zoom size is adjusted, the VPN profile prompt is not visible.
    • Japan User cannot connect to VPN when CDP is off but have both WiFi and Cellular connection
  • Performance enhancements

Note: This is a throttled release.


[Updated on 20th November] Norton Secure VPN has been released for Android customers. 

This build contains backend changes.


We are happy to release Norton Secure VPN 3.3 to all Android customers.

Note: This is a throttled release.

The below FAQs might help answer some of your queries.

1. What's the version number of this release?

     Norton Secure VPN

2. How can I receive this update?

    Simply visit Norton Secure VPN on Google Play to receive this update.

3. What are the changes in this build?

  • Updated VPN connectivity failure message - Providing a message to the user when the VPN fails to connect
  • VPN Profile – Allow prompt messaging
  • Defect fixes
  • Engineering enhancements

4. Where do I post my queries?

     Please post your queries on Other Mobile Products board. 

For information on the previous 3.3.x versions, please click here.