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Norton Secure VPN 4.0 Standalone for Windows is now available!

We are happy to announce the release of Norton Secure VPN 4.0 Standalone for our Windows customers.

The below FAQs may address some common questions:

1. What's the version number of this release?

    Norton Secure VPN Standalone for Windows

2. How do I get this update?

   Visit My Norton portal to install this product.

3. What are the changes in this build?

  • Brand new look
  • The core engine is built using the IPSec/IKEV2.
  • Introducing Split Tunnel feature
    • The Split Tunnel feature in Norton Secure VPN lets you securely direct and encrypt your choice of apps by selecting the traffic you wish to exclude from Secure VPN. For more information, visit Enable Split Tunnel in Norton Secure VPN blog article.
  • Better onboarding experience
  • Other engineering enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes

4. Where do I post my queries?

Visit our Norton 360 | Secure VPN for Windows board to post your queries