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Norton Security for Windows is now available!

Release History: 

[Updated on 4th February: Norton Security for Windows has been re-released.

Note: This is a throttled release.]


[Updated on 3rd February: Norton Security for Windows has been rolled back due to Norton Secure VPN connectivity issues observed after Norton upgrade. We will post an update once the issue is fixed.
Note: LiveUpdate will not serve 22.20.1 upgrade for now


Norton Security update is now available via LiveUpdate. As with our previous updates, this version is being released in a phased manner. This update is available in all supported languages. To download it, simply run LiveUpdate through Norton user interface. 

This update is available for the following Norton products:

  • New Norton 360
  • Norton Antivirus Plus
  • Norton Security
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton 360
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Norton Security Online

To verify you have the update for Norton Security , launch the Main User Interface, click on Help, and select About.

Below FAQs addresses some common questions:

1. What is the version number for this patch?

    Norton Security

2. When will I receive the patch?

    As is our standard practice, we are deploying the patch in a phased manner. We have released the patch to randomly selected customers, and will then monitor our telemetry, as well as this forum, for any problems or issues. Once we have confirmed the effectiveness of the patch, we will make it available to all customers. We will post an update on the Norton Community Forums when we make the patch available to all customers.

3. How can I manually install these patches?

    This patch is ONLY available via LiveUpdate, and is being released in a phased manner. You may need to run LiveUpdate and reboot a few times before your product is completely updated to the latest version.

4. What's new in Norton

  • Microsoft Edge Chromium Support: Microsoft Edge Chromium based browser is now tracked under Internet Security pillar. Product Health State will be impacted with Safe Web extension is not installed on new Edge browser. We will continue to Support old Edge until Support ends from MS. For more information on Norton Safeweb and Norton Password Manager extensions, see Norton browser extensions for Microsoft Edge based on Chromium blog article.
  • Norton Secure VPN Integration: Norton Secure VPN will be a part of new Norton. Norton Secure VPN will not have a separate install and user interface anymore from this release onwards. 
  • Embedded renewal flow: The in-app renewal process would offer improved renewal experience wherein customers would not be required to launch an external browser.
            - This feature might not be live immediately after the inline release. It will be throttled at a slower pace.
            - This feature will be limited to the United States and Germany. Based on feedback and responses, it will be made available in other regions.
  • The below issues have been fixed:
     - Removing large files leaves behind zero KB remnants  Forum report
     - 'Run Backup' from systray is not working Forum report
     - File insight shows "File not found" for larger size files Forum report
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements


  • Norton 22.20.1 supports: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Norton 22.20.1 targets versions,
  • This update is not available for maintenance mode OSes (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 with no service pack)