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Norton Toolbar Update 2014.7.9.14 for Google Chrome

[Updated on November 04 2014: Updated the Norton Security Toolbar version] 

Dear Norton Community,

We have released a Norton Security Toolbar 2014.7.9.14 patch update for Norton Internet Security 21.6Norton 360 21.6Comcast Norton Security Suite 21.6, Norton Identity Safe Standalone and Norton Security Toolbar 2015.1.0.26 patch update for Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup to address Google Chrome specific stability improvement issues. This patch update is available via LiveUpdate to all customers running NS/NSwB, NIS/N360/NSS v21.6 and Norton Identity Safe Standalone.

The versions for this Norton Toolbar extension update are as follows:

Norton Security/ Norton Security with Backup

Norton Security Toolbar: 2015.1.0.26

Norton Internet Security/ Norton 360 & Comcast Norton Security Suite

Norton Security Toolbar: 2014.7.9.14

Note: This patch does not require reboot on Win 7 & Win 8 machines

Norton Identity Safe Standalone:

Norton Security Toolbar: 2014.7.9.14

Note: This patch requires a machine reboot


  1. If users see the “Apply Now Dialog says Application is still running with process name ‘Google Chrome (Native Messaging Host)’”, User has to exit/close all background chrome apps.

         Steps to Exit Background Apps:

         * Launch the Chrome.
         * Click on ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ icon at top right and Click on Exit.           This will close all Chrome Processes including background apps

    2.There is a vista specific issue, [Chrome] Toolbar missing when 1-click timer (offline app) extension enabled.
        It is compatible issue with chrome background apps and Vista
        Few supporting reference link.

  What are the changes in this release?

Improved the stability of Norton Toolbar on Google Chrome browser.