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Magnitude and Nuclear EKs Target New Adobe Flash Player Exploit

Adobe has released a patch for a newly discovered vulnerability CVE-2016-1019, which affects Adobe Flash Player.  

It has been found that two separate exploit kits known as “Magnitude and Nuclear” have been using this vulnerability to spread ransomware to the target via drive by downloads. An exploit kit is a package of software that finds and takes advantage of security holes, or software vulnerabilities in computer software. They are primarily used to spread malware. Drive-by downloads means that malware can be installed on your computer simply by browsing to a compromised website.

How can I protect myself?
This is another example of how crucial it is to keep all of your software up-to-date. Exploit kit operators know that they can take advantage of only those computers that have out-of-date software.

Another essential way to keep yourself protected from this threat and others is to install a reliable Internet security software suite, not just for your computers but your cell phones and tablets as well. Norton Security protects customers from this threat and a multitude of others.

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