Snoop Dogg and Norton Announce Hack is Wack Contest

I just came back from New York City where we kicked off a rather unusual partnership. Norton has teamed up with famed gangsta rapper, Snoop Dogg, to kickoff a contest to educate the general public about the problems of cybercrime. Called “Hack is Wack” (you can learn more at the microsite, www.hackiswack.com), we want you to create your own 2 minute rap song about the problems of viruses, phishing attacks, identity theft and other cybercrime and win a free trip to LA, concert tickets to a Snoop show, meet Snoop's team and other treats.

We also had our famed tricked out 18 wheeler truck, emblazoned with the “Blk Mkt” logo in Times Square so NYC citizens and visitors could come aboard and learn all about cybercrime, ways to defend yourself and get discounts on Norton products. Given the incredible summertime heat in Times Square, I’m sure a few people initially came in just so they could enjoy the air conditioning but then were taken in by the interactive, video displays. I think we all had a great time, hanging out and chatting with customers, hearing about their online adventures and educating people about Norton products.

Snoop had some time on the truck too. He was really getting into the information, the displays, the CJ Nielsen videos you will be able to see on our website (www.everyclickmatters.com) and learning about the scale of the cybercrime underground economy. Despite his own gangsta background, Snoop’s a savvy businessman today, and when cybercriminals attack his online ecommerce or social networking entitities, he goes after them with skill and speed. He estimates his team takes down 200 fake social networking “Snoop” profiles a month!

Later, Snoop appeared on the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to talk about the contest and help spread the word. I hope you’ll take some time to visit the www.hackiswack.com website, watch some of the videos and tell a few friends. It may be a departure for us but one that so far, has helped us get word out to new audiences in a special, surprising way. And using new and different educational tricks is what it will take to curb the growth of cybercrime, fo shizzle!