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Norton constantly accessing common.dat (constant disk access)

Early today I compiled a version of Firefox on an external USB drive.  The compile finished and I have since removed the drive.   Prior to doing the compile, the common.dat file in the Norton\mrcFramework folder was around 6.5 MB in size.   

Since the compile finished, ccSvcHst.exe has been constantly writing to the common.dat file (for the past few hours) and now common.dat is about 15.5 MB in size and it is continuing to grow by about 1 KB/sec (3.6 MB/hour) as I type.

The CPU window lists that no Norton task are running so I have no idea what Norton is doing or when it will stop.  The only thing I can think of is that Norton is trying to cache the file hash data for all the files that are used to build Firefox (there's literally tens of thousands of them).

My question is how do I get Norton to stop doing whatever it is it is doing since it is slowing down disk access for other programs?



Re: Norton constantly accessing common.dat (constant disk access)

I decided to uninstall and reinstall rather than wait for Norton to finish doing whatever it was it was doing.

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