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Subscription Date is Wrong

I purchased--downloaded a one year subscription to Norton Internet Security 2011 in November, however when I open up Nortons on my computer, it says my subscription expires in 27 days!!  I downloaded the Norton hotfix and installed it, but it didn't change the "expires in 27 days" notice.  When I go online, my order confirmation page has the right subscription date. I followed the hotfix instructions and re-keyed my product key number, but it didn't change the "27 days" note I get at the bottom of my Norton product screen.  How do I get my Norton Internet Security 2011 product to list the right expiration date?


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Re: Subscription Date is Wrong

HI coleen

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums

Can you go to the Support Menu in Norton and click on Subscription Status to see what the Server thinks your subscription is.

If it still says 27 days could you click on the Renew item next to the 27 days and then in the box where it says "If you already have ......" enter your subscription code.

I will ask a moderator to move your post to the NIS/NAV Forum

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Re: Subscription Date is Wrong

Issue solved, thank you.


Re: Subscription Date is Wrong

Hi coleen,

Glad that your issue was solved. Please mark this thread solved by clicking on the grey "Accept as Solution" button of mdturner's post, that way other viewers know that your question has been answered and can see the solution directly. Thanks :-)

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Re: Subscription Date is Wrong

My pc shows 0 days left on my subscription - my Norton account shows 70 days remaining which is correct - how do I correct my pc version ?


Re: Subscription Date is Wrong

drf HI, 


Firstly, welcome to the community.


Secondly, mdturner has, very adequately, answered you in this thread.


If this does not solve your problem, please let us know.





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