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My NIS is supposed to protect 3 computers. In my Norton Account there are zero activations remaining. I have replaced one of my computers.

Can I get another activation added to my account?

Please advise.

Kind regards,



Accepted Solution
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Re: activations

Hi murray654,

Please contact Symantec Customer Service at the link below (for US and Canada); you can use the chat feature for free. Explain the situation to Customer Support, and they should be able to reset your activations quite quickly:

Please tell us how it goes - thanks :-)

When you replace your computer with a new one, uninstall your Norton product from the old one beforehand, that way you can keep the licence/activation.

Your Norton Ladybug.

Re: activations

I chatted with Norton Symantec Chat Support and the issue is resolved

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Re: activations

I was sure that I did uninstall it as you say.

But I am not sure my internet was online at the time - maybe that is the cause of the issue.

But even after chat, I logged into the Norton Account and the number of activations was still zero.

But the norton symantec support technician assured me that it would work, so I installed and the activation worked.


Re: activations

I gather it sometimes takes a few days for the update to show up so keep checking ....


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