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Norton Utilties 16 Disk Doctor Problem

When I run Norton Disk Doctor from Norton utilites 16. The computer reboots like it's suppose to. Then I get the message.

Wait for device Ready

Norton Disk Doctor

Jobmanagerlasterror: cjobmanager:: checkout error!

Cannot load job group batch!

File name:

Cannot load norton disk doctor tasks queue XML file!

It's possible it was corrupted

Trying to repair it...

Press any key to continus...

Any Help here.



Re: Norton Utilties 16 Disk Doctor Problem


What's the operating system?


Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU

Re: Norton Utilties 16 Disk Doctor Problem

Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit. Norton Utilities 16. Norton 360.


Re: Norton Utilties 16 Disk Doctor Problem

Anything on this problem?


Re: Norton Utilties 16 Disk Doctor Problem

Hi Harley55,

To help troubleshoot this issue, please follow the steps shown below.

1. Boot your computer in to Windows
2. Double-click on the "My Computer" / "Computer" icon to open your "Drive Selection" window
3. Right-click on your "C:\" drive
4. Select "Properties"
5. Select "Tools"
6. Under 'Error Checking', select "Check Now..."
7. Select both of the following check boxes

- Automatically fix file system errors
- Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors

8. Select "Start"
9. Select "Schedule disk checks" (you will be prompted to do this)
10. Restart your computer

The computer will then go through a disk check when the computer is rebooting. Allow the process to complete (this can take several minutes) and let the computer boot back to Windows.

11. Start "Norton Utilties 16"
12. Select "Recovery" > "Repair Drives"
13. Select Drive Operation
14. Select "Start"


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