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ID Safe False Login

I have Identiy Safe with my Norton 360.  After setting up multiple (2) accounts with the same URL (all with different user names and passwords) I get an error message when logging into one of the accounts.  Since the password is hidden I am assuming that the Identiy Safe is supplying the password for the other account.  The username is correct and the first account that I set up works when logging in.  I have several other URLs with multiple accounts and they seem to work correctly.  Any suggestions?



Re: ID Safe False Login


Sorry for the issue you are facing.

Can you please try the below step and check whether it is solving the issue.

   1) Open Norton 360 Main UI.

   2) Click "Settings" link -> Click "Identity Protection" link.

   3) Click "Configure" link pertaing to "Edit Logins" link.

   4) In the "Edit Logins" UI find the login on which you are facing the issue and click "Show" link near the Password field of the 


   Please check whether your password is correct since few websites add characters to the password field before signing in to the webpage,  hence those characters could be added to your login password. So next time when you login 

with same password it might fail. If you find these characters in the login password in "Edit Logins" UI please remove them and save the login.


Re: ID Safe False Login

I tried this before I wrote the post.  The passwords are correct; I even closed the Vault and successfully entered both accounts manually, so the information I used to set up the accounts in the Vault was correct.  I even deleted the problem entry and created a new entry using the correct information as before, and the problem reversed itself.  To better explain, I have two accounts with the same URL (a business).  I created account #1, saved and closed it out, and then entered account #2, and also saved and closed it.  When I attempted to log into account #1 using Identity Safe  the correct password (hidden but with the correct number of characters) was displayed and I was successful.  After signing out of account #1 I tried to log into account #2, and the password for account #1 was displayed (again, it was hidden but it had the same number of characters) and I was unable to login.  However, when I removed the incorrect password and manually entered the correct one I was able to enter the site.  Earlier I stated that I removed the login (account #2) from Identity Safe and created a new one, the situation was "reversed."  Now account #2 seems to control account #1.  If I go back and delete and re-create account #1, it #1will then "control" account #2!  Note that there has never been a problem with the user names, just with the passwords.

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